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So, I quit my job at Enviro-health which really was awesome. Now I work at Joann Fabrics which is not terribly awesome but far more interesting to say the least.

I registered for classes today at CCAC. I will be taking English 101, American Sign Language 101, Mathematic Fundementals and Ceramics.

I'm mostly looking forward to the ASL and Ceramics.

Also, applied for some student loan stuff which is both awesome and suck at the same time. On one hand I'll be able to pay for school, on the other I'll be up to my eyeballs in debt for sure.

I've also been running. I started this program called Couch to 5K in 9 weeks. I'm on week 2 and it's going pretty well I think. It's just enough to push my limits but not so much that I'm exhausted when I'm done.

I really don't have any other updates.

There's a girl at work with blue hair. She's really adorable.

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Dear The World,

I'm quitting my job today. I couldn't be more of a bundle of nerves and emotions if I tried. I have a new job lined up, but it is less pay. The future is as unsure as it's ever been. My internet access will be less since I won't be sitting at a computer all day. I'm looking forward to not being glued to this screen anymore.

I will miss being able to check up on everything/everyone I care about every day but that will pass.

Wish me luck.


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So this past couple weeks were pretty wierd.

On Saturday morning (the 3rd) a friend called to let me know that their father had died quite suddenly. Zak and I went to Wierton despite our offers to stay and hang out with our now sad friend.

Laundry happened, eating happened.

Tuesday was the viewing(s) and I went to both just to be around. Wednesday was the funeral. It was a lovely, small service. Eulogies were beautiful. Then we drove to the cemetary, and to a little church for the wake. Mmm... wierd marshmellow dessert. Rest of the week was pretty standard.

This past weekend Zak convinced me to go to a bar with him to wish luck to a co-worker who was leaving his company. His boss bought me a beer which I promptly drank. I then had 3 more. I was feeling pretty fantastic to say the least. I remember random bits of the evening. Singing loudly and incorrectly to songs I listen to EVERY DAY in the car, taking silly pictures in the car when Zak went into th store, covering Gryffin with newspapers and laughing obnoxiously, throwing papers in the air, and reciting all of the movie Evolution. Zak eventually for fed up with me and mad me go to bed.

Saturday we got up bright and early and went to Strip District. We had crepes for breakfast, then we bought some props for Zak's new NERO character and I got some of the most adorable fabric. Then we had chicken on a stick.

Sunday, I did homework. Zak played Hockey. Then we were bums.

We are thinking about planning a weekend trip to Philly in order to see Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley play a show as Evelyn Evelyn. I'm looking forward to it. I've never been to Philly.

Oh, if anyone's seen my libido could you send it my way? Thanks.
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Vegetables and things

I had the day off yesterday so I got to hang out with my mom who bought me some new interview clothes. Awesome. I also made an Easter basket for my husband and gave it to him last night around midnight after he got back from the Wheeling Nailers game with some tasty DiCarlo's pizza. He seemed to love it.

I transplanted some seedlings into bigger pots yesterday too. We now have the Catnip, Cilantro, and Parsley potted and enjoying the gorgeous weather we're having in Pittsburgh. I've already got spinach, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower and a two baskets of mixed lettuce greens that a proffesor at school gave me.

Need to get some of our other seeds stared soon.

I had Spring break this week which was lovely. I still had to go to work everyday but Friday but knowing that I didn't need to work on any homework was lovely. I do need to annotate some articles though.

Zak is back to work again making decent money. Thank goodness. We'll actually be able to pay off some of our debt this summer before I go to school full time in the fall.

Things are going well again. Money stress is gone until the winter.

Gryffin (one of our cats) turned one last Wednesday. Now he needs to go to the vet for his check up. What a great birthday gift, huh?
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Long time no blog

I feel like I need this place again.

I've been having a rough time and really missing the close friends I used to have. I've been falling in and out of depressed moods (nothing severe, I promise) and having literally no libido. Both of these things are driving both myself and my husband crazy.

I'm considering quiting my job and going to school full time. This dead end job bullshit is no good.

I just need to do something. And having a close friend to talk to would be helpful.

Well, at least my Fafsa is filled out.
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So, random update.

I got married in Jamaica on November 4th. Married life is pretty much like unmarried life but with health benefits. Which is pretty excellent.

I got my marriage certificate in the mail finally yesterday.

Zak has been unemployed since November.

I got a raise at my crappy job.

And I signed up for classes at CCAC. Just College Reading 1 and some mandatory, old-people-out-of-school-for-5-years class.

Life is pretty alright. We are healthy (for the most part), happy, we have great cats and I'm doing Pilates on tuesdays.

Someday soon I will buy a new camera and put some kind of pictures here.

We shall see what the future holds.



So, I had an extremely busy weekend.

Saturday morning we got up extra early and headed to the farmer's market in East Liberty with my mom, grandma and friend Michelle. Got some delicious fresh foods. We snagged some huge leeks, potatoes, mushrooms, peaches, and I even got some home made super yummy hummus. Oh, and apple cider and rambo apples for dumplings later this week.

From there Zak and I headed to the Strip District. We went to Wholey's and got some calamari rings, tentacles and some crazy huge bacon. We had breakfast crepes at some tiny cafe and OH MY GOD they were so good. Haven't had good crepes in a long time. We're thinking of making visits there monthly as a tradition of YUM. Then we to Penzey;s spices and got some Cocoa, Jerk seasoning, and garlic powder. We also got some tasty cheddar popcorn from the Pittsburgh Popcorn company.

From there we went home where Zak prepared our tasty squid bits in cornmeal batter and gave them a quick fry. The I had a nice long nap and we sat around the apartment watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel until about 9.

At 9 we headed over to Oakland to meet some friends at a CMU party of great fun. I was the designated driver for the night so I hung out with all kinds of silly people and watched drunk people walk around on stilts. We (Me, Zak, Karl, Pete, Kate, Ev, & Sarah) eventually got tired of hanging around and decided we wanted to go be awesome and hang out in Frick Park. Kate and Pete decided that they actually wanted to go home and sleep so they did and Me and the rest of them all piled into the Jeep and away we went.

We went to Frick Park (the part with the blkue slide!) and everyone drank in the park and played on the swings. It was pretty much awesome. Eventually somewhere around 3 am we got tired and I drove Ev and Sarah back to the party so she could drive them home and we took Karl home since he lives like... a block away from our house. We got to bed somewhere in the neighborhood of 3:30 am ish.

Then we got up at 9 am the next morning and drove to Wierton to see his parents. From Wierton we drove to Wheeling, WV where we went to a reenactment of the Fort Henry Massacre. I bought the most epic 18th century pattern book. I love it soooo much. I also bought some sexy 18th century ladies socks. Which I am wearing now.

Then we finally got tired again and headed back to Wierton. We watched some Buffy and Angel and then went to sleep. Next morning we had filet mignon steak and eggs for breakfast. Nom. Then we drove home after I fought with his mom. We checked on the boys, (Xandar and Gryffin) who were mad at us for being gone for a day. Then we went to Melissa's house for bbq and I taught her son how to say vagina in sign language. More good food.

Then to Pizza hut where we met up with Nero folk and had lots of good conversation.

I am still exhausted and my Bachlorette party is this Saturday! AHHH!!

Crazy life.
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We are officially one payment away from paying off our wedding/cruise combo + flights. I'm looking forward to paying it off and having the little bit of extra money to put towards some of our other bills that we would like to get rid of.

I applied for a part time job yesterday. I really hope they call me so I can make a little bit of money to put towards paying my credit card off before we go to the caribbean.

I am really stressed and it's starting to take it's toll on my body, I can't wait until my to do list is empty. I wake up with lock jaw almost every morning and my back hasn't been quite right. I just really need to get back on a decent diet ( been eating alot of crappy food) and exercising every night. The new kitten has an interest in outside so I think we're going to start taking him for walks in the evening with us. I'm sure Xandar would enjoy the alone time.

I really need to get cracking on Ryan's costume commission since he needs it for the second week in August. I'm just going to keep rambling so I'm gonna go.
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